College Series: Meal Plan 101

My guide to surviving a dorm meal plan!

1. Unless you are a big eater and don’t plan on going home, buy the smaller one.

2. If you can make a healthy choice, do it! Your body will thank you.


4. Always get breakfast

5. Choose the dorm that has the cafe attached. (Going outside to get food in the winter is NOT fun!)

6. Try new things (You will get sick of your favourites if you don’t)

7. Have healthy snacks in your room

8. Stay on track so you don’t lose money at the end of the year

9. Salad Bars are your best friend

10. If you crave junk food, limit yourself.


College Series: The Things that Suck!

I try to keep my blog as real as possible and I decided that the second post in my college series (which will be updated more frequently) will be a list of things that suck about college and university. Although there are many awesome thing about University, I feel like they are the only things that are ever talked about. But any up and coming freshman should also know about the parts of it that really can suck. So I have compiled a list of things that I have not liked abut my first year away at school. Some of the points might not apply to everyone, but I am sure everyone will relate to something.


1. Studying: You spend hours upon hours studying for an exam, test, or quiz only to realize once you get the quiz it was stuff you already knew… Or even worse, you get the quiz and you have no idea what it is talking about…

2. Food: If you are staying on residence than be prepared to eat cafeteria food… My school actually has a lot of really great, healthy options but it is on a recurring cycle so you get sick of everything VERY quickly. 

3. Social Life: Ummm… Is that even a thing? My only social interactions during midterms and exams is the eye contact I made with people in the library, and the people who serve my food at the cafe…

4. Roommates: I shouldn’t say that this sucks, because it is actually really fun to have a roommate… But sometimes you just want to study in your room, but you can’t because people keep coming to talk to your roommate.

5.Boys: They are stupid… Stay as far away as possible.

6. Walking to class: I live on a very big campus, and even though none of my classes are really that far away, I really hate walking to class… especially in the winter.

7. Laundry: Going down to your buildings laundry room in hopes of maybe finding an empty washer and dryer only to find that there are none left.

8. Sitting Through 3 Hour Lectures: Do I even need to explain.

9. Running across Campus: I have back to back class that I have to get to within ten minutes. They are on opposite sides of the campus and ten minutes is just not enough time to walk there. So instead you have to run… I have fallen on ice before.

10. Missing your family: I know a lot of you are happy to be leaving home and for some going far away. But once you are away for a little while you learn how much you will miss your family. It really sucks not being there for birthdays, and other special things that you have never before missed.


So that is my list of 10 things that suck about going off to college and university. If you have any questions about college or university let me know, and I will do my best to answer them! I am also going to be having a dorm giveaway, so stay tuned!

Oh Canada

I am not going to stereotype myself and say that I love Hockey… But I love Hockey. Not so much the NHL, but defiantly Olympic Hockey. I guess you could call me a ‘true Canadian’… haha or someone who grew up with a house full of boys and learned to love it.

So like the rest of Canada I was up extra early this fine morning watching the Canada vs. Sweden game. I was trying not to get my hopes up to much for Canada because I can’t stand when we lose, and it just makes it worse if I think we are going to win and we don’t. But after that first goal I knew the gold medals were coming home with us. And when they finally finished the game our whole house still went crazy. Now if only one of those hockey players was my boyfriend…

I will say that I didn’t love this game as much as I loved the game when the Canadian women won. The game was a lot more eventful and I truly believed that the Americans were going to take it. Much to my surprise the women fought their way back and ended up winning. I was watching the game while babysitting and I nearly woke the baby from her nap when the final goal went in. It was just so lovely to see our women win. I do feel very sad for the Americans as I know how strong of a team they were, but I will always root for my Canadian girls. 

So congrats to Canada on their hockey wins, and all the other amazing wins. You all make Canada proud. #Sochi2014 #WeAreWinter

Oh How I love Target…

I have a problem…Which is becoming increasingly bad…

After every holiday the theme stuff goes on sale for 90% off…

And if you know anything about me, you know I like a good deal…Actually, I LOVE a good deal. 

The first time I went to one of these sales was just after Christmas. I was able to get so many awesome gift bag, lights (perfect for a dorm room), wrapping paper, bows…ect. It was truly amazing. In total I spent $16 which had a retail value of over $160. I was so happy to lug it all back to my… on the subway.

So this past week was reading week. I didn’t have too much planned, except for making multiple trips to Target to get the Valentine’s Day stuff. And boy did I luck out!

Not only was I able to find great chocolate for less than $2 (the big Lindt hearts) But I was also able to get many great deals on stuff to go in my dorm room! I was able to get little metal buckets in pastel colours for $.10 a piece and lantern string lights for $1.49! Neither were really Valentine’s oriented, but they were still 90% off! I was probably a little too enthusiastic…

So I totally recommend checking out Target if you want to get some amazing deals!

An Open Thank You Letter to Jennifer Lopez and the Cast and Crew of The Fosters

Thank you.

This is probably something that you come across frequently but your show has touched me in a way, no show has before. I am one of the many kids out there who has a story. When I was six, I was placed in a foster home for eight months. At the time I was blissfully unaware that there was anything wrong with it, and I had no problem telling people that I had two homes. I knew it wasn’t normal to live in foster care, but I also new that at that time it was the best place for me. As I continued to get older I shared my past with my friends, but when I was in 5th grade I noticed people became very uncomfortable if I said anything about it. I went home and asked my sister why, and she explained to me that in many ways foster care as well as the kids in it do not have the best wrap. I was confused, because foster care was not in the least a bad experience. Sure I missed my parents, but my foster family made me feel like I fit right in. 

For the next few years I stopped talking about it and began to feel ashamed. I didn’t want people to think less of me, and most importantly I didn’t want people to see my Dad as a bad Dad because he struggled with alcohol after my mom left. I just wanted to be ‘normal’. I had a ‘friend’ from the time I was ten until I was 14 who knew what happened to me as a child. She never said anything bad about it to my face, but she would always bring up how much better her family was than mine, and things of that nature. It took along time for me to realize that she was not a friend at all because friends don’t treat you like that. Eventually, I found the most amazing group of friends, who for the most part, know absolutely nothing about my past. Although I am sure it wouldn’t change their perception of me and my family, I am still strangely uncomfortable telling them anything.

However, your show has made me more open to that idea. You show both the positive side of foster care (that many people looking in know nothing about) but you also show the other side. The roles of Lena and Steph are excellent representations of what foster parents are really like. I know that there are bad homes that kids are placed in but I also know about the really good homes. I feel like you show is taking away the stigma that surrounds foster care, and how the kids turn out afterwards. And for that I am deeply grateful.

I hope that one day people can see that there is still a good core in every child no matter what they have been through. I was lucky and my experience in foster care didn’t have a negative impact on me, but I know for so many it is. I hope that those people see your show and can learn from it. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.

Thank you.