Dear Netflix,

Dear Netflix,

I love you.

College life is lonely.

You are like my only friend. 

I am so glad to have you.

Everything else here sucks.

This whole Orientation week is so dumb.

I wish I was anywhere but here. 

But even so I am glad you are with me.

I just wish you had more of my favourite shows though.

How do you not have Big Bang Theory!?

I still love you…

But I might love you more it you were the American version…

I don’t mean to be rude.

Alas I hope you never leave me.

Because my life would suck without you.


An Introvert who is awful a talking to people she doesn’t know.



  1. They don’t have orientation where you meet people, play games, and stuff at your school? An idea if you are wanting to make friends but a little too shy would be to leave your dorm door open. That’s what I did and people would come in and out introducing themselves as they walked by.

    1. They do… But it is very expensive and I usually do not like things like that at all… I may try leaving my dorm room door open if my roomie is cool with it. Thanks again for the advice. This whole University thing kind of sucks… I actually can’t wait for classes to start!

      1. That’s what I hear… My roommate is super nice and has been introducing my to all the friends she has made a frosh but I always resort back to introverted me. especially when boys start talking…. haha

      2. It will get easier once you feel more comfortable. Moving away to college is a huge life change in so many different way. You have to make new friends, you don’t have your parents to help you whenever you need, you’re solely responsible for yourself. But trust me once you get the hang of it it’s SO FUN!

      3. Thanks! I really think once class start I will meet people with common interests… But I think I will be purchasing a lot more underwear because this whole doing my own laundry isn’t going so well…

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