Sharks, Sandals, and St. Augustine

Recently I took a road trip to St. Augustine with my family and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The beach, the history, and the little shops were amazing. After a long car ride it was the perfect way to spend our day. 

Our first stop after we got off the highway was the beach. We all changed out of our sweats and went for a stroll. It was very humid, but very nice after the winter..err..spring we have had. None of us were in our swimsuits, so originally we were only going to go into the water until it hit our ankles…but we were quickly in to our knees. While jumping the waves we spotted a pointy fin under the pier. Naturally I went running out of the ocean as fast as I can… I honestly thought it was only something that happened in movies, but apparently not. According to the ‘shark patrol’ it was just a baby and would not hurt us… Sorry, but that was not very reassuring to this girl and I only got my feet wet after that.Image

Speaking of feet, these shoes are super cute right?! Well, I think so and I decided that it would be fun if my little sister had a pair as well …Unfortunately, that little tiny human decided to jump waves in her’s and lost one in the ocean. Yep, the brand new shoes that I just bought her were now gone… Still taking deep breaths… But how can you stay mad at this tiny human? …even in her flip-flops.Image


Below are some of the other cool images I captured while exploring the city.





^^^This poster was on the front of a little gift shop. Rachel wanted to go in there so badly without us so she could get a free puppy…







^^^I love everything about the city. 


Image                                                   ^^^`The home of the ‘baby shark’. I kept my distance…





^^^^I am not sure why, but I love taking photos of signs. 




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