How to Prevent a Late Night Meltdown at Magic Kingdom

By 9 o’clock at night after a long day at Disney World Rachel was getting tired. We had decided to see the earlier of the two parades, but were completely unaware that you have to show up super early if you actually want to be able to see the parade.  So these pictures show a sequence that could have quite easily ended in a complete meltdown by my no-so-little tiny human…


Picture 1: Rachel happily watching the parade while standing on a bench.Image

Picture 2: Rachel trying her best to be mature and not cry after being told she can no longer stand on the bench.Image

Picture 3: But after a long day at Disney she was tired, and holding back the tears just wasn’t going to work. (I probably should not have taken a picture of her crying face, but I think it is so darn cute!)Image

Picture 4: I really, really hate to see my Monk cry and before the tears began to fall I offered her a shoulder ride. (****So I look horrible in this picture****)


Picture 5: Then she happily watched the rest of the parade from my shoulders…It was a really long parade…Image


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