Why are girls so mean??!!?

I’m really mad right now. So mad that I may or may not want to go give a bunch of 11 year olds a piece of my mind. Apparently that is inappropriate because they are just kids and ‘don’t know any better.’ ‘Don’t know any better’ my ass.

My sister started middle school a few weeks ago, and she really seemed to be thriving in the new environment. She seemed to love the independence of being able to walk to school alone and having her own set of keys to the house. I keep using the word ‘seemed’ because yesterday the truth came out. Through a lot of tears (I may have been crying more than she was) I found out that her time in middle school had been anything but great. In fact, she was being bullied (my word not hers) by a girl she used to call her friend. This girl had made a point of telling my sister’s locker buddy everything she hated about her. Now without making an effort to get to know my sister at all she is choosing to believe this opinion and is now being intentionally mean to her.

I understand that girls at this age are catty, but where does that come from? When is it ever okay to pick apart all of a person’s flaws and use them against them? The answer to that should be never, but unfortunately that doesn’t stop most. In fact I’ll admit that I have said mean things about people I didn’t like, but I would never do it in a way to purposefully hurt them, or in order to make other people have a negative view toward them.

So now I am not sure what to do. Do I tell my sister, who now doesn’t want to go to school because the only friend she has is also friends with these mean girls, that these girls don’t matter and to let it go? Or do I tell her to stick up for herself? I honestly have no idea. She is a sweet, weird, funny, and quirky little girl who used to be so happy, but now she isn’t. I am fiercely protective of her to the point where I would gladly go back to middle school and take her place so she doesn’t have to deal with these girls. But I don’t know what to do.